10 Things I Learned my Freshman Year


My freshman year of college was unlike any experience I’ve had before. I had a lot of ups and downs and learned a lot. I decided to share a few things that I learned.

  1.         DO NOT bring everything from home to college. It is not necessary to bring your whole room with you to college. I tried to bring everything possible and found out, very quickly, that I shouldn’t have. College dorms are not that spacious so only bring what you will need and leave everything else at home. You will be getting stuff from school that will add to the stuff you already brought.
  2.        Make sure you know how your going to pay for school. We all know college is expensive but no one really explains how it works. I’m not sure if its the same for all schools, but at LSU they send you a fee bill which explains and breaks down everything you need to pay for and how much you have to pay for out of pocket. Make sure you figure out whether or not you will have to take a loan out before hand because it is a lengthy process. You don’t want it to affect your classes or room and board.
  3.        AP and Dual Credit Classes Are Not College Classes. I took both AP and Dual Credit Classes in High School and they are not the same. So don’t go into your college class thinking that you’ve done this before because it is a whole different ball game.
  4.        Try New Things. College is the last “hoo rah” before complete adult hood. Have fun, meet new people, and do things that you normally wouldn’t do. Experienced different things and have an open mind.
  5.        Research Your Classes. Look up the professor and what the class is like before the first day. I used Rate My Professor. It will tell you what your professor is like, his ratings, passing average, and classroom style. Most of the time you will be able to tell if you will like the class and if you should drop it or not.
  6.        Join Clubs. I know this is one of the biggest things that everyone tells you, but its one of the most important. There are going to be many organizations reaching out to you during move-in and the first few weeks of school. Join clubs that you feel like you would be able to add value to and enjoy.
  7.       Use Your Resources. I can not stress this enough!! Most schools have a lot of FREE resources that students don’t use and/or know about. Learn your way around campus and get the most out it! Your already paying an arm and leg.
  8.      Don’t Buy Your Books the 1st Week of Class. I know you might want to get a head start and buy your books early, buy don’t. Most of the time, depending on the class, you will be able to get away with not buying the book. You should be able to determine with in the first two weeks whether or not you’ll need it.
  9.      It’s Okay To Make Mistakes. College is nothing like high school. You are going to make mistakes, it’s normal. You might not always make As or do everything perfect the first and thats okay. College is a learning experience and you can’t learn if you don’t mess up.
  10. HAVE FUN! Your freshman year of college can only be done once! Find out what you love and what you’re passionate about. Make new friends, take adventures, and live in the moment.

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