Impact Conference: Day 1

Since Tuesday, I have been in Atlanta, Georgia for the National Impact Conference. Impact is an on-campus, ministry that is targeted toward students of African decent, and is focused on spreading the gospel throughout the college campus, community, and the world. I started Impact at LSU in August and have been “impacted” ever since.

During this week, they are holding their 25th Annual Conference. College and high school students from all over the United States have come together to praise God, do outreach, and learn more about our culture.

Yesterday was my first full day at the conference and it was nothing short of AMAZING!! It was full of praise and worship, great speakers, and getting to know other youth from all over the country. We had three speakers. Efren Smith, Maggie Anderson, and Dr. Margaret Weaver. Below are a few summaries of what each speaker talked about.

Efren Smith:

  • Nehemiah 1
  • To Know Your Community and To Know Your God 
    • There are many people who know about God, but don’t know about the people who are broken down in their neighborhood (or vise versa)
    • Knowing God + Knowing Your People = DANGER TO THE DEVIL
  • To Know Your Heritage and Why It’s Meaningful 
    • You can be powerful by knowing your history and connecting it to the present
    • Nehemiah knew his history and we need to as well
    • You were created by God during this time for a reason 

Maggie Anderson:

  • Maggie Anderson wrote the book “Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy”
  • She spoke about how her and her family only supported black owned businesses for one year.
  • Mrs. Anderson and her husband were a middle class African American family who were living “comfortably”
  • She talked about the journey and how many of the companies she supported shut down after 5 months, which forced her family to eat cereal for dinner and her children to wear clothes that did not fit. 
  • She goes on to talk about how God used her throughout that year and the time afterwards. 

Margaret Weaver:

  • Nehemiah 1:4
  • What are you doing with a ruined thing?
  • A ruined thing it something that was soon good condition and then was destroyed or ruined 
  • What will you do about ruined things?
  • Nehemiah had to ask himself this when he learned that his city had been destroyed
  • Nehemiah decided to have the wall rebuilt 
  • In order to deal with ruined things we first must deal with our emotions. 
  • In verse 4 we see that Nehemiah dealt with his emotions by weeping
  • If we want to be used like Nehemiah, we must address all of our former issues, so we can complete the assignment that God has for our life
  • God knows how to deal with our ruins 
  • He wants to use us as instruments so we can also deal with ruined things 


I will be posting everyday about the Conference. Please like, comment, and follow!


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