Black Scarf in November


On Tuesday, I voted for the first time and it felt great! Although the election didn’t turn out how many of us thought it would, It was still great to be able to put in my say. I know that many of us are angry and upset, but I feel that we must use this time to come together. I know that God has a plan and a reason for everything. It is our time to spread love in this world that is surrounded by hate.



This outfit is very very simple but cute! I am wearing dark jeans, a long sleeve black shirt, a blackish-grey overthrow with shred ends, black riding boots, and a black scarf to top the look off. Who doesn’t love scarves? They make simple outfits look amazing so effortlessly. And lets talk about riding boots. When it gets to the right temperature, everywhere you look there will be at least one girl with riding boots on. Black, brown, leather, suede, calf length to thigh length. They are definitely a fall essential!!

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-27-59-amscreen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-26-51-amThanksgiving break is calling my name and I can’t wait! I need a break from school. With everything that’s going on around me, I need a few days to just relax, do a few crafts, and watch netflix. What do y’all think about the new blog setup? I will be trying some new ones out within the next few days.

I hope y’all enjoyed this look just as much as I did!What are y’all excited for this Thanksgiving? Comment below.


Black long sleeve – Walmart | Dark Jeans- Forever 21 | Riding Boots- Target | Overlay- Friend’s Closet | Scarf- Gift



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