Applying for College


Applying for College can be a scary thing. Without the right help or guidance, It very easy to get confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Here are a few tips that I wish I would’ve know about before I applied.

1. Do ALL your research!

There are so many universities and community colleges to choose from. Don’t just go for the first one that you see or that you have dreamed of going to for a long time. Make sure you look into everything about the school. Look into their graduation rate, their acceptance rate, and of course there tuition and prices. Many times the school that people have dreamed of going to for a long time is not the one for them. Do not go to a school only because you like their football team, their colors, or to follow someone else. Narrow a list of colleges that you really like. Then sit down and take the time to see what school fits you the best.

2. You do not have to apply to 1,000 Schools

1,000 schools is a bit dramatic, but you get the point. You don’t not have to apply to a lot of schools. Narrow your list down to your top 5 and apply to those. Have 2 priority schools, 1 reach school, and 2 safe schools. For me, that was the best way to break it up.Applying for college isn’t cheap and it takes up a lot of time depending on the school’s requirements. It’s not necessary to pay all that money and write all those essays just to go to one school. 

3. Look into Community Colleges

Now a days community colleges are evolving. They can be just as good as a 4 year university. Look into these as well. I know many people just blow them off, but they are also great options to have. They have community colleges with great degree programs, football teams, and its way cheaper. This route can help you if you aren’t ready for a big university or you want to work a little in order to save. Once you graduate from there you can always go to a university right after to get your bachelor’s degree. 

4. Letters of Recommendation, Resume, Essays, etc. 

Applying to college isn’t about just submitting an application. There are many things that must be submitted along with the application. All of these can help make your application different from the person next to you. When seeking someone to write your letters of recommendation, make sure you pick people who truly know you or that have seen you grow and mature (just because your english teacher is great a writing, doesn’t mean that they will write a great letter specifically for YOU!) When Completing all of these, make sure you have them quadruple checked!! Anything that is asked for beside the application can make the biggest difference in whether you get accepted to rejected. 


There is no way I can express to you how IMPORTANT this is! College is expensive and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $30,000 laying around to pay every year. Start by looking at your potential schools scholarship site. They may offer great scholarships that you may qualify and apply for. From there I would suggest creating accounts on as many scholarship sites as possible, but don’t let that be where you stop. Great websites include Fastweb,, Unigo, and there are many more. Also, search on your own. You never know what scholarships you can find. You never know what scholarships could be offered in you community. 







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