It’s FALL!!

So I got ready for school like I normally do and when I came outside something was different. I actually felt a breeze when i stepped outside of my door. It’s finally starting to feel like my favorite season, FALL!Β So in honor of this, I decided to post my first fall fashion post.


Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it. The temperature is just right, not too hot but not cold either. And dressing in this weather is so fun and easy. You can have on a simple outfit and throw on a nice scarf and some boots and the outfit becomes ten times more fashionable. Everything about fall is great. It’s so pretty outside with the orange, brown, yellow, and red leaves on the ground.


Orange is not my favorite color, but you can’t have fall without the color orange. This look is a great way to enter into fall. Not too bulky but not too light either. A simple button down shirt with a striped sweater on top and ripped jeans. The makeup is a simple look with a bold burgundy lip. This look is simple, affordable, and an everyday look. Hope you enjoy!

Orange button Down| JcPenny

Brown Boots | Just Fab

Orange Striped Sweater | Kohls

Burgundy Lipstick | Kiwi Beauty Supply

Rings | Charlotte Russe


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